Tuesday, November 10, 2009

November 09

Hi Darling. We are now living in a new home that you've completely settled into. Our daily routine is simple, and you miss Daddy all day during the week. You still snuggle up and sleep with us all night in our big bed and honestly, I love it. You love it. Daddy is OK with it but sometimes he complains that you snore.
And talk in your sleep, just like he does. You love, love your books and we love that you love them. I must say you have a great vocabulary and it's probably because you always have a book in hand. Lately you've been tearing your board books up though, and I suspect this is because you've read them so many times the spine broke on them. And of course you decided they needed to be further inspected...
You love music and at naptimes when we are climbing the stairs you will try to distract me from the moments ahead...and say "po-po-po PACE!" because you're trying to sing "Poker Face" and that' what you think she's saying.
This week, our two big girl nieces/ your cousins are coming to stay for a few days and I am thrilled. I can't wait, I love them to bits except when little C's sugar gets high or low. That stresses me out, even though it has never really gotten high or low. I'm just afraid of messing up of course.
Lately I have been making your toys, all sorts of things I never knew I could do. You love them, and usually cannot wait for me to finish a doll before you spirit it away and give it kisses, loudly proclaiming it as BABY. Your Daddy had you the other morning while I was in Goodwill, the only moments he gets you to himself really, and he came to me beaming, saying "SHE said AIRPLANE!"
which is really pretty indicative of the language spurt you've been having. You say Turtle, mmm, juice, shoes, hey there, what's that, wowwwww! baby, mamma, dadda, dog, oreo, uh-oh, ouch, "burrrd," beep-beeep for car..etc. You're a smart pickle. And lately you've decided that you want to tackle the alphabet and so you pick up your cards and say B! G! A! randomly and we just smile and say "that's right! "good job!"
Last night we were in the kitchen and I asked pappa to change your diaper. He took off your diaper but we didn't put one on you because we were headed right upstairs to give you your bath. It didn't occur to me that you would do anything but pee...but when we turned around you had decisively pooped in the floor. (Doh-UHhh!)

Don't do it again, mmmkay?

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