Monday, April 27, 2009


In January, things got busy again, but they were so much easier to do because you were 5 months old! And finally you started enjoying us as much as we enjoyed you!

Not only were you sitting up without support but you could also sit yourself up all alone, and you started taking that "babababababa" you'd been saying and turning it into "mamamamama" and "oooooeeeeeeee" and "d-d-d-d-daaadadada"!

One day it snowed a lot, and you thought it looked crazy! You just kept staring at the window and watching it go by.

Here you are with that amazing blanket Miss Jessy made for you. That blanket was truly the only thing you saw that day and as soon as I pulled it out of the box you burrowed your entire body into it and slept for three hours as if to say hello, this is wonderful! Why have you been denying me such pleasure?

But the bigger you get, the more of a mess you turn out to be!


The mountains are a LONG way from Chapel Hill, especially when you hate that carseat as much as Maddie Ann. Mamma spent 8 hours chasing frowns away while Pappa drove furiously:

We made a Christmas Card and this is what you wore:

And we bought you your first baby doll, whom you just adore.

December marked the end of Mamma and Pappa's first semester of their last year of college-
Little Berry still had Thrush and most of where we went, we went with a purple baby face from gentian violet. Noticeably absent is that damn pacifier which we took away at the beginning of November. We are glad to be rid of you!

But the smiles she gave us are worth mentioning too,

And we hung out with a whole big family!

There was even tea!

She got to meet Lynette and Mikey again, the newlyweds of my circle,

Finally we visited Jessy and her family, who was expecting a sweet baby to join their family too. (Welcome Kadince!! You are beautiful!!)

These folks are just so special to us.

Sunday, April 26, 2009


These days are filled with smiles and snuggles. Mamma and Pappa don't get along as well as they used to but somehow everything is still just beautiful. Your pediatrician, and really everyone who meets you my sweetie, is captivated with your sweet face. You're the most free-smiling, happy little darling in this house. You're so, so smart, already laughing and holding yourself up to sit on your own, reaching for and grabbing things, and you have already fallen in love with Oreo.

November was cold. And winter was fierce. Beverly Perdue became the new Governor for NC and Mamma and Pappa took sweet, sleepy Maddie to the big celebration, which was noisy, noisy, noisy! Pappa enjoyed the crowd and Mamma crunched you up in the sling and covered your ears TIGHT because this crowd was a very loud and happy one.

And golly, you are just precious my darling~

Like a weed-

In that first photo she looks so sleepy!

But wait- it gets even sweeter....

and then...

she's out.

That next week, we made hats-

and gave tons of kisses:

She also got to meet Uncle Abe-

Then we went to the mountains in October,

and she got lots more love there-

because she is just so dagum CUTE.

And she grew quickly!

This is Maddie at three weeks, right after I'd returned to school. So sweet.

Around this time, Auntie Sharla and cousin Skylar came to visit:

And secretly, we hiped ourselves up on caffeine so we wouldn't look the least bit tired-

When you were a month old, Kristin and Frank had baby Zaydin. You guys had your first playdate soon after- Kristin looked so happy and beautiful and Zaydin definitely beat you in having more hair-

The nursery was ready and has never been that clean again-

I just can't tell you how fast those first few days went by! Before we knew it, you'd lost your umbilical cord and were nursing like a pro!

After Maddie was born, Aunt Nichole and Cousin Courtney and Granny came for a visit- it was the best week ever!

Gulp! You were so TEENSY!!