Monday, April 27, 2009


The mountains are a LONG way from Chapel Hill, especially when you hate that carseat as much as Maddie Ann. Mamma spent 8 hours chasing frowns away while Pappa drove furiously:

We made a Christmas Card and this is what you wore:

And we bought you your first baby doll, whom you just adore.

December marked the end of Mamma and Pappa's first semester of their last year of college-
Little Berry still had Thrush and most of where we went, we went with a purple baby face from gentian violet. Noticeably absent is that damn pacifier which we took away at the beginning of November. We are glad to be rid of you!

But the smiles she gave us are worth mentioning too,

And we hung out with a whole big family!

There was even tea!

She got to meet Lynette and Mikey again, the newlyweds of my circle,

Finally we visited Jessy and her family, who was expecting a sweet baby to join their family too. (Welcome Kadince!! You are beautiful!!)

These folks are just so special to us.

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