Sunday, April 26, 2009


These days are filled with smiles and snuggles. Mamma and Pappa don't get along as well as they used to but somehow everything is still just beautiful. Your pediatrician, and really everyone who meets you my sweetie, is captivated with your sweet face. You're the most free-smiling, happy little darling in this house. You're so, so smart, already laughing and holding yourself up to sit on your own, reaching for and grabbing things, and you have already fallen in love with Oreo.

November was cold. And winter was fierce. Beverly Perdue became the new Governor for NC and Mamma and Pappa took sweet, sleepy Maddie to the big celebration, which was noisy, noisy, noisy! Pappa enjoyed the crowd and Mamma crunched you up in the sling and covered your ears TIGHT because this crowd was a very loud and happy one.

And golly, you are just precious my darling~

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