Monday, April 27, 2009


In January, things got busy again, but they were so much easier to do because you were 5 months old! And finally you started enjoying us as much as we enjoyed you!

Not only were you sitting up without support but you could also sit yourself up all alone, and you started taking that "babababababa" you'd been saying and turning it into "mamamamama" and "oooooeeeeeeee" and "d-d-d-d-daaadadada"!

One day it snowed a lot, and you thought it looked crazy! You just kept staring at the window and watching it go by.

Here you are with that amazing blanket Miss Jessy made for you. That blanket was truly the only thing you saw that day and as soon as I pulled it out of the box you burrowed your entire body into it and slept for three hours as if to say hello, this is wonderful! Why have you been denying me such pleasure?

But the bigger you get, the more of a mess you turn out to be!

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