Wednesday, September 23, 2009

big girl

Wow, baby. You are a big girl now. You are sleeping so much better, and you are growing so, so fast. I looked at your leg this morning as you snuggled up with me and realized it's about as long as you were a year ago. Right now you are standing up in your crib banging your necklace on the rails and saying "upcheease!" "UPCHEASE!!"
Speaking of saying, you have so many words! You like to try to sing one of Daddy's favorite songs: Poker face...and it goes like this- pupupupupupace!
you also say shoes, baby, my, mamma, dadda, juice, bite-bite,go, wowwww! and dog, oreo, uh-oh!
You understand much more than that though, and will go for the stairs if I tell you it is naptime.
I love you, little berry.

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